Why Buy a Grill at Ace?

Traeger Pro Series 22 Grill

The Top Five Reasons to Buy a Grill at Ace Hardware.

Hey, It’s Pete Moss here, letting you know why you should get your next grill from the helpful folks at Ace Hardware.

One: Selection. Ace Hardware stocks grills from multiple manufacturers and can special order grills in a matter of days. Many other stores make deals with one or two grill makers and that’s all you can choose from. At Ace, you can choose from over a dozen different grill makers and order just what you want. Yes, it’s true that we tend to showcase Weber, Traeger & Big Green Egg, but many more brands are readily there for us to get for you.

Two: Service. A new grill is a big thing, literally. Too big in many cases. Too big to fit in your vehicle, too big to carry to your yard. Even the box it comes in can be a pain to get rid of. That’s where the helpful folks come in. Let us assemble and deliver your new grill. We can certainly assemble your grill much faster and easier, since we do so many of them. Putting a new grill together isn’t rocket science, but it does take some time and can be frustrating if you’re not familiar with them. There’s a good chance you’ve got an old grill sitting about where you want your new grill to go, too. Ask us, we can often haul your old grill away and take care of it for you – one more big thing you don’t have to deal with!

Three: Knowledge. Our helpful folks cook on the grills we sell. We know what works, what the tricks are, how to get things set just right and we’re more than happy to pass along this information.

Four: Parts. Everything has parts that wear out or break. I don’t care who makes it or how well they said they made it, it will happen. So what do you do when this happens with your grill? Come see our helpful folks. We stock many common parts for grills and we’re more than happy to help you get what you need if we have to order the part. You can always contact the manufacturer to get such things, but that can be a hassle. Let us do it for you.

Five: Accessories. We stock gobs of grill accessories for you new grill. Whether you need a cover, side shelves, a front tray, a light, a lighter, a new spatula, tongs, forks, corn baskets, quesadilla baskets, chicken leg hanger, vertical roasters, pizza stones, pizza paddles, cleaners, wood chips, rubs, spices, sauces… I think you get the idea. Ace is indeed the place for you grilling needs!

So come on down to your local Ace Hardware store, get the grill of your dreams and let the grilling commence! Tell them Pete sent you!