Tune-up Your Garage!

Tune-Up Your Garage Door

You may think you can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna… garage door?

Not so. You can tune a garage door!

Back in the day, before every garage door had an opener, tuning a garage door was a common thing to do. Now I know what you’re thinking: Wow Brad, you were around way back then? You must be old! Well, be that as it may, yes we used to have to get out of the car, walk over and lift the garage door by hand. By doing this, if you had a roller going bad that made the door tough to open, you knew it right away.

Now the only way you may find out that your door has bad rollers is when you push the button on your garage door remote and it just laughs at you. “No way I’m opening this door, it’s stuck, it doesn’t roll, I quit!” Then you call a service guy and you’re out a couple of hundred dollars. This may even damage your opener and make your life that much more miserable.


Well, let the helpful folks at your local Ace Hardware store come to the rescue. Ace stocks garage door rollers, hinges, brackets and braces. They can help you get just what you need to keep door rolling easily.

You may ask, “Can I do this myself?” Yes, you can! It may be a little time consuming, but as DIY projects go, this one is not to be feared. Taking rollers off is relatively easy. When I took my rollers off, most of them were wobbling like crazy. They had bearings that at one time had been round, but wow, they were shot! Put in the new rollers, lubricate the hinges, put some garage door opener lubricant on the track and voila, it’s like having a new door.

You may think your door is working fine. Sure, it shakes and rattles, but it still rolls up and down. Wow, what a difference new rollers will make. Now your opener will just hum along, smiling as it works. (Okay, I exaggerate to make a point, but you get the idea!)

Best part is, this is not an expensive project. Depending on just what you need and how many rollers you have, you’re looking at around $50.00 in parts to tune-up your garage door.


Need an opener? Don’t be afraid of this project either. Old Brad Nale here has put in many openers over the years. They’re time consuming too, but, new openers, like the Craftsman models at Ace, really are not difficult to install. One downside guys: You will need to read the instructions. I know, I hate doing that too!


No need to go back to the old days and get out in the lousy weather to open your garage door manually, just see your local Ace Hardware store and let us help you out.

Tell them Brad sent you!