Try Us First

Ace is the place.

For many years we’ve been saying that, and for many years it’s been true. Hi, Brad Nale here to tell you that no less than ten times a day we here this in our stores: “I’ve been all over town looking for this, can’t believe you guys have it.”

The real question is, why didn’t you try Ace Hardware first? Give us a shout or stop on by and see for yourself what we have that will save you the time and trouble of going everywhere just to find that one special thing you need. Looking online? Look to Ace to see just what we’ve got. Come in, try it out, be certain it fits / works right / is what you think it is. If we don’t have something, we can often order it. If that doesn’t work, we can often tell you where you can find something you may need. That’s just one more reason we’re known as the helpful hardware folks!

Here are some examples.

We stock hudnuts, buculets, door slinkys, and can help you with your screen door’s werxilation.


Hudnuts, those extra parts left over when you assemble something. You never think you’ll need it, so you toss them, then one day you do need them. Either send to China, or come in to Ace. These are especially prevalent in assemble-yourself furniture!

Buculets, the bumper guards on the bottom of your toilet seat.

Door slinkys, the spiral springy device to keep your door from slamming in to the wall.

Werxilation? That’s when your screen or storm door looks like it’s going to slam shut only to gently close at the last second. You may need a new door closer and we’ve got them.

Yes, those terms are Sniglets, in case you did not recognize them. A Sniglet is a word that should be in the dictionary, but isn’t. They were made popular by Rich Hall, a few years back.

Ace Hardware also has fixture hickeys, Chicago screws, jacknuts, left-hand taps, pinch dogs, spokeshaves and metric Crescent wrenches. Okay, that last one’s a joke, but seriously, come on in to your local Ace Hardware first! Try us for all your hard-to-find needs or just your off-the-wall requests. You’ll be glad you did.