This Winter is for the Birds!

This Winter is for the Birds!

But the bird feeders at your local Ace Hardware store are not. Well, okay, actually the feeders are for the birds. I mean, what good would a bird feeder be if it wasn’t for the birds? Anyway, whether you’re trying to attract Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, Clark’s Nutcrackers, Hoary Redpolls, Dickcissels, or Bananaquits, Ace is the place for the birds!

If you’re looking for a new feeder or want a good present for the bird lover on your list, look no further than Ace. There you will find dozens of types of feeders, from simple tubes to wooden feeders to squirrel-proof contraptions. Don’t forget the hummingbirds either. It’s a bit early for them right now, but see us in summer for lots of options for these hum-dingers.

Don’t forget water for the wild birds either. I have seen far fewer birds this winter and I think it’s because they had to go far away looking for water last fall, when it was so warm and dry for so long. Keep your birdbath full and give the birds a drink!

Not only feeders but the wild bird seed to go with them can be found at Ace. You’ll find helpful folks there who can help you with birdseed also. Like how deep do I plant this birdseed and how long does it take to grow a bird? Yeah, I know, ha ha ha! But seriously, Ace Hardware stocks many birdseed blends for many different types of birds. Nutty blends, sunflower seeds, safflower, thistle, peanuts, corn, smaller specialty blends, large economy blends we’ve got ‘em all.

Have you tried suet for feeding birds? It works really well, especially in winter months. What’s suet? Glad you ask. Suet is wild bird seed mixed with fat, from vegetable oils or lard, and formed in to cakes. Cakes with icing and candles? Gee, Brad, you’re full of bad jokes! These cakes are flat blocks. Nuts, and berries are often added in to attract certain birds. The extra calories serve wild birds well in the colder months. The cakes fit in to a wire cage feeder, which can be hung anywhere you’d put a bird feeder. Birds love suet and it’s fun to try different blends to see what different birds you can attract.

You ask, what about squirrels? No problem. We’ve got seed that squirrels don’t like or corn cobs that squirrels do like. We’ve got squirrel-proof feeders and feeders for squirrels. So, whether you’re feeling squirrely or anti-squirrely, Ace is the place for you! 

Our helpful folks can get you what you need to hang your feeder too. After all, we are a hardware store! Poles, brackets, rope, chain, hooks, tree-mounted remote-controlled cable-actuated powered feeder hovering devices, look no further. Okay, so perhaps I exaggerated a wee bit there, but hey, go to your local Ace Hardware and tell them Brad Nale said you stock these devices. It’ll be good for another laugh!