Snow Removal and Winter Storm Needs


Now is the time to prepare for the upcoming winter storms before the forecasts begin calling for them.  Once the weather forecasters begin discussing the storms, people will be flocking to the stores in search of snow removal equipment, heating supplies, and special order items such as generators.  So, what do you need to weather a winter storm?  Keep reading below to find out.

  1. A Home Heating Device
    Some of you have electric heat.  That works well until the power is disrupted, and you are left without any way to heat your home.  Some of you have gas heat in the form of a furnace; however, the blowers on these furnaces are electric; therefore, this type of heat is not useful in the event of a power outage.The best course of action would be to purchase a kerosene heater as an emergency heat source.  Ace Hardware sells Heat Mate Kerosene Heaters which I have personally used.  One of these heaters heated most of a two story house recently when the temperatures outside were in the thirties.
  2. Lighting
    You need lighting sources in the event of a power disruption.  Many individuals use candles; however, these can burn up very quickly causing you to go out in the storm in order to purchase replacements.Ace sells Dorcy LED Mini Lantern Sets which operate on batteries.  These are safer than candles and kerosene lanterns and have a handle with which to carry them.  Ace also sells Coleman Propane Lanterns which are another safe form of lighting.
  3. Snow Removal
    Some individuals prefer to shovel if the area for snow removal is not large, and Ace sells snow shovels for this purpose.  However, if the area is very large, it would be best to have a snow blower because shoveling can cause back injuries and heart issues.  Ace sells Yard machines and Toro single stage and two stage snow blowers especially designed for this purpose.

Ace is indeed the helpful place.  It is not only the place for your hardware needs, but also for your snow removal and winter storm needs.  Many individuals prefer to buy locally making Ace the ideal retailer from which to purchase these items.  For more information, contact us.

Photo (c) Damon Scott 2013