If You Can't Duck It…

Duct Tape

Feeling ducky about duct tape!

It’s time to get started on making your dress and your tux for prom. Huh? I thought this was an Ace Hardware blog. Of course it is. I’m talking about making your outfit from Duck Tape. Frankly, I’ve never made a dress from Duck Tape. I hope you’re saying, that’s good to know Brad, we’d be more concerned if you had made one. Anyway it’s been decades since prom for me, and certainly nobody would have thought have making clothing from old, boring gray duct tape.

Yes, duct tape. Originally it was actually used for medical purposes. It was developed in the 1930’s for use as waterproof cloth tape. During World War II this tape found its way in to the army and soldiers created many other uses for it. When air conditioning became popular in the 1950’s there was a need for duct sealing tape. That’s when the gray color and the name came around and it stuck. Stuck like duct tape it did!

Flash ahead several years and you’ll find Manco, Inc changing the name around to Duck Tape, a logical conclusion since that what it sounds like as one pronounces duct tape, especially when done quickly. The name took off like a duck to water and has stuck to the entire genre of tape ever since.

Ironically, according to many building codes, ducts are no longer a place where it’s okay to use duct tape. That may be about the only place where you can’t use Duck Tape, though. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more iconic, common, useful item in households and car trunks today. Guys everywhere have found a zillion uses for Duck Tape. You should always have a roll in your vehicle and laying around your house. I say guys, but gals have found many uses too.


Several years ago Duck Tape brand started sponsoring prom contests. For pictures of last year’s winners and for this year’s contest, go to stuckatprom.com and see how you could win up to $10,000! I was really blown away by the outfits made from Duck Tape. They’re amazing and it really goes to show what fun new colors and patterns are now available. Too many to list, and they’re changing often!

If you’ve got a project that you think may be just beyond duct tape and you want a more aggressive tape, Ace Hardware has got you covered as well. We stock both Gorilla Tape and T-Rex Tape. Both of these are similar in size and look to duct tapes, but they are stronger and designed for those really tough jobs. I’ve used them both and they do work very well. They’re far from wimpy and have solved many problems for me that have lasted over time very well. However, I don’t think I’d try to make on outfit from these tapes.


Now you’re feeling just ducky about duct tape. Next time you’re out, stop in your local Ace Hardware store and grab another roll or two. Someday when you need it, or when you’re feeling creative, you’ll be glad you did! When you’re there, tell them Brad Nale sent you!