How To Make Houseplants Grow Faster

House plants create a soft and welcoming atmosphere to your home. They’re inviting with their bright beautiful flower petals and lush green leaves. They can be placed in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere that has proper lighting for it to grow and grow! If you want your house plants to grow quicker, you will need to take some things in consideration. Most house plants will grow faster just by giving them enough water, but others might need an extra boost of water soluble fertilizer. Use these tips when you want your plants to gain active growth.

Place the Plants On a South or West Facing Window

These are the best sitting spots for plants because they will get enough indirect sunlight that will boost their growth. You can rotate the plant’s pot in different angles every day so it gets enough sunshine on all sides. Keep in mind that every type of plant has different light necessities, so if it’s a plant that needs dimmer shade, keep it away from the window and in a spot in the house that has bare minimal lighting.

Don’t Expose the Plant to Hot Weather

The highest temperature for a plant to be comfortable in is around 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If it gets up to the 80s, move your plant away from the windowsill until the temperature drops in the evening. Very hot temperatures will actually stunt the plant’s growth cycle or burn it in severe cases.

Flush Out the Soil

Plants need to have their soil flushed out because the salt build up from the dirt can be toxic and harmful to their roots. Once you see any white deposits in the soil, it’s time to flush out the soil with water or give it a clean and fresh transplant. At Ace Hardware, we have all kinds of affordable fertilizer from trusted brands that will keep your plant healthy and growing quickly.