How to Choose a Wild Bird Feed

Watching wildlife can be a relaxing hobby, and there are things you can do to attract different types of wildlife to your backyard.

An excellent way to attract birds to your yard year-round is by placing birdfeeders in your yard with the type of bird feed the winged creatures crave. To keep the birds coming back, you can offer bird feed for every season.

It is important to know what type of Wild Bird Feed to offer birds during different seasons.


While most birds do not need human help finding food in the spring and summer, in winter, the birds’ natural foods, like insects, are not readily available to them. In the winter offer birds Ace Black-Oil Sunflower Seed; it provides the birds with energy and the thin-shelled seeds crack easily. White pesto is good choice for winter as well, because it also provides birds with needed protein.

Spring & Summer

During the spring and summer seasons, birds are busy nesting, and often feed mainly on insects. In spring provide nesting materials for the birds, such as human hair, bits of yard and broken egg shells. Good bird food choices for summer include nectar for hummingbirds and nyler seed for gold finches.


In autumn, good bird food choices include millet, peanuts and high energy suet cakes. Never offer birds old bread or table scraps. These foods have no nutritional value for birds. Molded bread can be harmful and scraps often attract mice and other pests.

The variety of food you offer does determine the birds your feeder attracts. To help you decide between bird feed choices, learn a bit about the birds in your area, especially the kind of birds that interest you, and buy feed based on this information. Audubon is a great resource for all things bird!

If you have questions about bird feed and which seeds and foods attract specific types of birds, feel free to contact us. We can help you choose the best wild bird feed and feeder for your yard


Various Images (c) Think Stock 2013