How to Anchor Items to Drywall

The most annoying thing in my house is all the things that keep falling off the wall. Towel bars, curtain rods, clothes hooks, pictures, mirrors. Then there’s the big ugly holes they leave behind. Ugh!

Hi, I’m Molly Bolt here to tell you how you can fix these things.

I know just what you mean and what I also find annoying is how the manufacturers package things to hang on walls. They often don’t include wall anchors, and may include screws that are barely long enough to hang on solid wood, yet alone in drywall.

But fear not, the helpful folks at my local Ace Hardware store have helped me and I’m sure they’d be glad to help you with this too. All you need is the right anchor or the right screws and your troubles will be over.

Often, especially with curtain rods, if you use a long screw that will grab in to the stud behind the drywall, that’s all you need. Windows are framed with studs all around them, but curtain rods often come with screws that are only ½” long or so. Get a good 1” to 1-1/2” long screw and you can mount right in to the stud.

With towel rods and such, you’re often going to need a really good anchor. Some anchors may be included, but watch out for the little plastic cone-shaped anchors. They’re fine for pictures, basic hooks and small, lightweight applications only. If you want to do the job right, ask the helpful folks to set you up with better anchors. There are many, and they will help you choose just what’s right for your wall and what you’re hanging. These anchors can hold some serious weight, and they’re not hard to install.

Are you like my brother-in-law and you never did get around to fixing that dangling towel rod? Now you have more holes in the wall than Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. Well, Ace Hardware can help you with that also. Patching these holes is not all that difficult, and Ace is the place with just the right products, paint and advice to cover all those holes.

You may want to invest the minor amount in a good electronic stud finder if you have a handrail that’s falling down. These need to be anchored in to a stud, and Ace is the place to find the right brackets to fix your handrail as well. (There’s probably a joke or two about finding a stud at Ace, but I won’t go there!)

Don’t put up with things falling down any longer. Get to Ace, get help and get things mounted properly. Tell them Molly Bolt sent you. You’ll be happier when you do!