Home Projects for February

Things to do around your home in February:

  • Update your kitchen and/or your bathroom cabinet hardware. You don’t have to do a complete remodel of your cabinets, just install new pulls, handles and hinges and voila, you’ve got a new look! It usually just takes a screwdriver and a little time. Your local Ace Hardware store has a lot of options for you. Come in, take a look and see all the possibilities.
  • Update your door hardware. Do you have peeling and scratches or just a finish you no longer like on your doorknobs? Replace them! Again, this is also an easy task that you usually just need a screwdriver for. Ace Hardware has a lot to choose from here as well. Consider an all new look with satin nickel or bronze finish. Think about a lever handle instead of a knob. These can be so much more convenient and easier to open when your hands are full.
  • De-lint your dryer. Nope this won’t win any sexiest-DIY-projects-ever awards, but it will save you money. Get a dryer vent brush, clean the lint out of the dryer and inspect the vent hose. It may need cleaning or replacing as well. Dryer lint causes your dryer to work harder, uses more energy, slows drying times and can cause a fire. Bonus! You’ll be much happier when the dryer dries faster!
  • Here’s another sexy, fun project: Clean you vacuum cleaner. Yes, it’s true your vacuum cleaner gets pretty gross. It’s full of lint, fuzz, pet hair and all that tends to fly all over the place when you turn it on. Take the bottom cover off, clean it all up and replace the belts while you’re there. Replace the bag and any secondary or HEPA filters as well. Now when you use it around the house it will work that much better, last longer and not spew dust everywhere you’re trying to clean it up from!

These will help you stay busy and keep your mind off the fact that it’s still too cold and snowy to golf or fish or bike or… As always, thanks for reading and when you shop your local Ace Hardware store, tell them Brad Nale sent you!