Holiday Plumbing Happens

Why does plumbing always break on holidays?

Have you ever wondered just where the holiday sensor is located in your toilet? You do know what the holiday sensor is, don’t you? That’s the sensor that ensures your toilet stops working on a holiday. Oh, it’s a complex sensor that figures in just how many houseguests you have and just when dinner is going on the table, then it sends the toilet in to total shutdown mode. It also works well during bowl games, especially when the score’s really close, late in the fourth quarter.

Oh, you’re saying, stop it Brad, we know there’s no such sensor. Well be that as it may, toilets do have a way of breaking down at the wrong time. This is one of those devices in your home that takes an ounce of prevention every now and then. This ounce is easily worth a pound of cure.

Okay, I’m a hardware geek and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in someone’s home, or business and fixed their toilet. I have fixed toilets in hotels just because it was easier than calling a maintenance guy in the wee hours of the morning. So many times you go somewhere, ask to use the facilities and are told, of course, oh but you’ll need to jiggle the handle to make it work, or something like this. Why do people put up with a less than functional toilet for so long?

I think many people are afraid of the inside of a toilet tank. They take off the lid, peek in to the tank and there are parts in there that don’t make sense to them. And these parts are under water. They must be terribly complex. They’d call a plumber, but they know that will cost them upwards of a hundred dollars.

Well, people, you’re in luck. The parts of a toilet tank are not really that complex. They have funny names, but they all work together in easy to understand harmony once you take a few minutes to understand them. Who better to help you with this than the helpful folks at your local Ace Hardware store. Your Ace Hardware store excels in toilet repair parts and knowledge. If you have a toilet that flushes itself every so often, or a marathon toilet (you know, one that won’t stop running) stop in to Ace and get the parts you need, along with the advice you need to get it fixed. Here’s a tip: Take off the tank lid and snap a picture or two on your phone to help you get the right parts.

We’re not talking rocket science here. Toilets can be repaired by yourself with little trouble, basic tools, common sense and less money than calling a plumber. A lot less money. As for that sensor, well the toilet industry has asked me not to divulge any more information about it. They may use it for other devices around your home.

Go to Ace before you have to go at home, if you know what I mean! Tell them Brad Nale sent you.