Heating with High Efficiency Boilers


Boilers have been around for years and were especially sought after during the 1970′s energy crisis. However, if you own a home with a radiator or baseboard heat, a boiler can actually save you money on your fuel costs. 

These high efficiency boilers work by using the heating that is wasted when by a traditional non-condensing boiler or flue by circulating warm water or steam through a network of pipes. This heat would otherwise exit the home and would be lost. With a high efficiency boiler, that wasted heat is retained and allows the boiler to work less; saving more money on the heating bill. 

The heat is maximized from its burner and the boiler has optimal performance with a full load. While a high efficiency boiler has a higher investment than a normal non-condensing boiler, the cost is reflected in yearly energy savings and pays for itself in just a few years. 

An immediate savings of up to 30% on the heating bill is typical and these high efficiency boilers are also more than 90% efficient. The numbers prove that this is the perfect investment for the homeowner or business owner that wants to not only save money but have an efficient system that works optimally.

One thing to look for is the AFUE rating, otherwise known as the parameters used to compare and test two boilers under conditions that are the same. If a boiler has an AFUE of 85% or more, it is awarded an Energy Star Label. The Energy Star products can also sometimes save money on your taxes for the first year after your purchase. So not only will you see a decrease in your heating bill but you may get back some of your initial investment as well!

If you need thermostats, registers, supplies or anything to do with heating to go along with your new boiler, just contact us and we can help.

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