Happy ThanksGrilling

turkey dinner

Yes, that time when we all gather around our tables with family and friends and celebrate the first time that the Pilgrims and native Americans got together to grill turkey on their Big Green Egg. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: Brad, Isn’t a Big Green Egg grill based on the Japanese Kamado? How did the pilgrims have them. Well since Ace Hardware was founded in 1924, they didn’t buy one there, maybe they… oh never mind, I digress.

But seriously, this is a great time of year to grill, and Thanksgiving meals can be amazing when grilled. I have done several turkeys over charcoal and you can too. Turkeys on a Big Green Egg are amazing. You can do turkeys on your gas grill as well, and they can be truly tasty when you put them on a wood pellet-fired Traeger grill.

Our grilling expert, Chef Jason from 5280 Culinary, recommends brining your turkey before gilling it. Ace stocks BBQ Provisions turkey brines from 5280 Culinary, a Colorado company! For you Traeger fans, Ace also has turkey blend pellets in a kit with brine and rubs for that perfect wood-fired taste.

What? You’ve never brined a turkey? You should try it! It’s a great way to get the moist, juicy turkey you’ve always wanted. It’s really not that difficult, either. Time consuming, yes, a bit. After all, brining is all about soaking a turkey overnight in a brine and water solution, usually in a large bucket. So, a bit of planning is needed, since you can’t do this last minute, but oh, the results are very much worth it. Turkey so moist and flavorful, Yum!

Grilling in the Rocky Mountains in November and December is not without a little extra effort, like wearing your boots and a coat, not flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt, clearing a path in the snow to the grill, and taking a little extra time to heat up the grill when it’s darn chilly. But there’s no reason to stop grilling just because of the date on the calendar.

Come on down to your local Ace Hardware store when you’re in need of charcoal, wood chips or grill accessories because we keep those all year long. Check out our many barbecue and hot sauces, rubs and spices as well, these make great holiday gifts for the griller who has everything!

Planning on using your gas grill for your turkey? Check your propane level now, and make sure you have enough to keep your grill running long enough to grill a turkey. Yes, it will take more gas than grilling a few hamburgers and no, you don’t want to run out on Thanksgiving Day! Many Ace Hardware stores fill or exchange propane tanks, call or check online to see if your neighborhood store does.

Okay, so the Pilgrims didn’t grill over charcoal, but they didn’t bake a turkey in their electric oven either. They somehow had to cook they turkeys over a fire. So when you think about it, grilling a turkey is a pretty darn good way to celebrate Thanksgiving! From myself, Brad Nale, and all of us at Ace Hardware, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!