Got Holes?

hole in screen

Got holes?

In your window screen.

Now, I know you’re there sayin’, duh Brad, of course I have holes in my screens, lots of little square holes. That’s how the air gets through!

No, not those holes. I’m talking about the holes you may have in your screen from your pets, from hail or from your teenagers. The big holes that are letting in bugs as well as air. The holes you don’t want to have.

If you do have these holes, bring your screens in to your local Ace Hardware store and let the helpful folks repair your screens. Most of the Ace Hardware stores in the rocky mountain region repair your window and door screens. We can take a screen that is torn up and have it replaced to look like new. Is your frame bent as well? Missing some clips or pins that hold the screen in? No problem. We have most of the common parts to get you fixed up. We can even build a screen from scratch if you’re missing one completely.

How long does this take? Well, it varies from store to store and from week to week, depending a lot on the number of screens that get brought in for repair. Typically, give us a few days to a week, and you’re back in business.

Want to try and repair your own screens? No problem there either. We sell screen material by the foot and have the spline and tools you’ll need to do it yourself. It’s usually not rocket science, and if you’ve got some time, you may want to do this yourself.

Putting your house up for sale with torn screens can be one of those little things that makes the curb appeal drop. Trying to get a security deposit back from a rental with torn screens can be a deal breaker as well. In both cases, you’ll be money ahead if you come see the helpful folks first.

Tired of your pet ruining your screens. If you have that cat that insists a door screen is a play toy to climb on, or that dog that insists screens are made to be shredded, try replacing your standard screen material with pet screen. Pet screen looks about the same, but it’s stretchy and resists tearing from claws much better. It’s got just enough give in it to keep it from shredding and may save you a fair amount of trouble in the long run.

It’s the time of year that you want fresh air coming in and bugs staying out, so make a visit to your local Ace Hardware and let us help you out. Then you can work on screening your calls, or your screen passes for next football season! When you go, tell them Brad Nale sent you!