Got Batteries?

It’s getting close to Christmas and this is Brad Nale saying that you’d better check your battery supply. You don’t want to have the coolest gift ever only to not be able to operate it on Christmas day because you forgot to get batteries. In this modern world, we have so many devices that run on batteries it’s almost hard to imagine a household that doesn’t have a supply of them somewhere. In fact I don’t even know why they still package batteries in 2 packs or 4 packs. I get the 24 or 30 packs all the time, and I don’t even have kids running around with their toys.

The battery is truly one of those ubiquitous items in this century. Batteries have been around for over 200 years, but we’d not recognize the first ones that Alessandro Volta, the Italian physicist, made around 1800. Recognize the name? The electrical unit of measurement Volt was named after him. Volta’s batteries were a bit large to fit in your flashlight, but they did prove that electricity could be stored and used later. Moving forward to around 1870, the Frenchman Georges Leclanche invented the dry cell battery, the pre-curser to what we would recognize as a battery today.

Some people think the modern alkaline battery was named after Al Kaline, the Detroit Tigers baseball star from 1953-1974. Nope, not so. They’re called that because of the alkaline material inside, instead of an acidic material.The main reason for using alkaline batteries has been their long shelf life and slow loss of power. They’ve become the battery of choice for the last several decades.

Ever wonder why battery sizes go from AA to C to D? What ever happened to battery size A or B? There used to be size A & B batteries. Around 1924, sizes were named and standardized across all manufacturers. The A & B sizes just did not catch on and eventually disappeared. As devices needing batteries got smaller, sizes AA, AAA and AAAA appeared instead. Yes, there’s a size AAAA and yes, you can find those at your local Ace Hardware store!

Ace stocks all the latest batteries, including Duracell Quantum and Energizer Max, both truly new and innovative batteries. Ace stocks button cell batteries in all sizes as well. You’ll find these in so many devices these days and sometimes it can be frustrating trying to find the right one. But not if you let the Ace Helpful Folks help you out! Don’t worry about Steven Wright’s problem either. You know what happened to him: He bought some batteries, but they weren’t included.

We’re a nation of battery users and there’s no denying the fact that having a dead battery in any device can be so frustrating. So, stock up, get ready for Christmas and visit your local Ace Hardware for the best deals on the latest batteries!

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