Get Smart!

How do you make your home smart? Send it to Ace Hardware. No, really, it’s not a joke. Okay, while you can’t actually send your home there, you can go to your local Ace Hardware store and make your home smart.

How? Simply get and install the new smart devices that can be found at Ace. But, Brad, what are smart devices? I’m so glad you asked. Smart devices are devices that have been to college. Okay, okay, sorry, couldn’t resist that. Actually, they’re devices that connect to your smart phone. You can monitor your home, change settings, turn things on and off from anywhere using these. Smart devices are really catching on in popularity and they are super convenient, add security to your home and they’re fun! Talk about remote control, they’re literally James Bond, or Maxwell Smart kind of devices!

Here are some common smart devices stocked at Ace Hardware stores:

Thermostats: We’ve got Nest, Honeywell and Lux available in a variety of styles and price ranges.

Smoke & CO detectors: Nest & First Alert units alert your phone when there’s an emergency. Talk about adding peace of mind if you’ve got kids or pets at home, or travel a lot.

Security Cameras: Several models that connect to your phone and let you see what’s going on when you’re not around.

Switches, Timers & Power Strips: Connect electrical devices and lights to these devices from wion and turn them on from afar. Not only secure, but nice to come home to a well-lit home too!

Light Bulbs: Smart bulbs than can be controlled from far away.

Padlocks: No need for a key or a combo when you’ve got the new Master Lock smart padlock. Great for gyms or work lockers too.

What good are smart devices if you feel you’re too dumb to figure them out? No problem, just come in and ask our helpful hardware folks for answers to your questions on these devices. Of course, if you feel like using these, you’re likely all over the internet as well, so look around for tutorials and reviews.

These many devices are just the tip of iceberg, so to say. It likely won’t be long before you can make dinner from your smart phone while you’re riding light-rail home, walk in have it sitting hot and ready for you, then have your smart robot do the dishes. Okay, so perhaps that’s a bit too Jetsons-esque for the immediate future, but hey, who knows!

Come on in to Ace Hardware, and check out our smart devices. They make smart gifts, too!

Thanks, and tell them Brad Nale sent you!