Fun and Easy Winter Holiday Decorating Ideas


The holidays are coming up and there is nothing like having a beautifully decorated home that puts you in a winter wonderland. Holiday Decorating does not have to have a specific theme, you can just reflect some winter cheer by using various types of decorations. Here are some ideas to get you in the holiday spirit.


Decorating with ribbons can be a lot of fun and they add a sense of elegance and charm to your living room. You can place a large red satiny or velvet ribbon up by the mantel or small ribbons hanging off door knobs. You can also take this idea outside and put a big ribbon on the outside of your front door to greet guests. If you find it a tad plain having a ribbon up by itself, add some garland on each side of the ribbon to accent it.

Christmas Lights

Putting up Christmas lights doesn’t always have to be just for that holiday, they can be used for a strictly winter theme as well. If you have stairs and a banister, rope around some lights against it for a dazzling glowy effect. Using white lights is perfect for a winter wonderland theme, or opt for red and green if you want that cozy Christmas appeal. Hang up lights around the frame of the windows as well to double the effect.

Pine-cone Centerpieces

If you’re planning a holiday dinner, adding a centerpiece to the table will give your dining room some spark. You can make a beautiful centerpiece with a few pine-cones  small pine branches and a candle in the center. Not only will it produce a lovely aroma, but it will charmingly fit in with the rest of your decorations. You can use a simple white candle or a candle in the shape of a holiday character.

There are many more ways to spruce up your home and deck it out in a winter holiday motif. Try out these simple tips and you may just conjure up your own unique ideas. Stop by your local Ace and let us direct you to our plentiful  holiday decorations.


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