Fuel your weekend projects with Milwaukee!

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Hi everyone, Brad Nale here to tell you how great Milwaukee’s Fuel line of cordless tools is. Normally I don’t focus my blogs on just one brand, but this line is so cool, I’m feeling compelled to do this.

Milwaukee has long been known for making excellent power tools. With their Fuel line, they’ve proved this once again. A premium line of tools with contractor quality built in, yet very practical for the DIY-er like yourself.

What makes Fuel so good? Three things:

The Fuel line of tools run on a Powerstate brushless motor. You’re starting to hear brushless used a lot with electric motors on all sorts of tools. It’s not a new technology, but has been newly improved. These motors give very long run time, great reliability and lots of torque.

Red Link Intelligence is the brain behind the tool. A smart chip that works with the battery and the motor to provide long run times and that extra bit of oomph that you may need when drilling through a knot, or driving a long screw. It can sense just how much power you need and deliver it instantly.

Red Lithium Batteries provide the fuel for Fuel tools. (No, you don’t need to carry around a fuel can, nor mix oil & gas!) Milwaukee is the first company to patent lithium-ion batteries in power tools. They have many innovative patents on their batteries and lead in unique protection to keep the batteries safe, charged and running.

So what kind of tools are there in the Fuel line? Too many to list here. From basic drill/drivers to the Hole Hawg which can drill up to 150 6” holes on a charge. Sawzalls, circular saws, lights, yard tools and more are available.  

Cordless tools continue to gain favor with contractors for convenience and safety on the job sight. Cordless tools are great for the home owner, except when the battery goes dead. It’s Saturday, you really want to be watching football, but you’ve got one project to do. You grab your battery powered driver and it’s dead from sitting in your garage for weeks. Now you have to wait while it charges, and it’s going to make you miss the kick-off. No problem with Milwaukee’s Red Lithium batteries. I have three brands of cordless drivers in my garage and I always reach for my Milwaukee, because it’s always ready to go. Milwaukee’s batteries hold their charge for a very long time, and last for years and years without needing to be replaced. Yeah, they may cost a bit more, but they pay for themselves in the long run!

The helpful folks at your local Ace Hardware store can help you with more questions that you may have and show you all the features of each individual Milwaukee Fuel tool. If you have a particular tool you want and don’t see it in your local Ace Hardware store, be certain to ask about it. We can order many tools that you don’t see and have them here for you quickly. Check out the Fuel tools from Milwaukee and see how awesome they are! You’ll be glad you did for many years to come.