Five New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

This is a good time of year for resolutions for you home. Your home is trying to tell you that it needs a little attention here and there, so listen to it.

One: Your home needs to eat less. Less energy that is. Help put your home on an energy diet. Caulk and seal gaps around doors and windows. Check your furnace for air leaks. Wear a warm shirt around the house, put an extra blanket on the bed and drop your thermostat down one or two degrees. Poke your head in your attic and check your insulation. Just how much do you have, has it settled over time? You may need to add to what you have.

Two: Your home needs to drink less. Water that is. Do you wash one shirt at a time, or run a half-full dishwasher? Try to curb these bad habits. Look at your showerhead. It may be time to install a new one that uses less water and gives you a better shower as well. Toilet running on and on? Do you have dripping faucets? Go to your nearest Ace Hardware Store for tips and help with all these water-wasting problems.

Three: Lighten up. Your rooms that is. Look at all the bulbs in your house and consider changing over to LED bulbs. You’ll save energy, and money and you’ll have brighter, better light in your home, which can help your mood during these long, dark days of winter. Haven’t been bulb shopping for a while? Go to your local Ace Hardware and see just how many new and innovative bulbs there are to choose from now.

Four: Further your home’s education. Or, more to the point, install smart devices in your home. From light bulbs to thermostats to doorbells, there are more and more devices that may be linked in to your smart phone. These help with energy savings, security, comfort and convenience. Besides, they’re fun and cool to use!

Five: Add a splash of color here and there. You may well have a room or two that you’ve been wanting to update just a bit. This is a great time to add a new color to a room, update the accents in a room, or even go blank slate, back to white. You can make a room seem like new with little effort. And now that you’ve made your home warm, cozy, draft free, light and smart, you’ll be able to enjoy it that much more during cold winter days.

There are five ideas to get you started. None of them are very difficult, and guys, since there’s not as much football to watch, why not tackle these projects on your weekends. They’re all going to earn you points, and count towards your personal resolutions as well!

Happy New Year from all of us at your local Ace Hardware store!