Five More Projects for February

Five MoreThings to do in February

It’s the middle of winter. The days are still short. You’re tired of cold & snow. Well, here are some simple projects that can make you feel better about your home.

  • Re-fresh your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets get a lot of use and can get to looking tired and old (kind of like, ol’ Brad Nale here!). This is a great time to rejuvenate them. Ask the helpful folks at Ace Hardware what products may be right for you. From Howard Restor-A-Finish to Minwax stains and clear finishes, we’ve got what you’ll need. Guess what, it’s easier than you think!
  • Paint! Yes, this is a great time of year to take on that bedroom or bathroom and give it a new splash of color. Not only will this simple weekend project create a bright new space in your home, it will make you feel better about being stuck inside.
  • Got gaps? Plug them! You’ve been feeling cold drafts for a few months, so do something about them. The helpful folks at Ace Hardware will help you strip. Weather-strip that is! We have lots of different types of weather stripping to help you seal around doors or windows that may be leaking cold air. Remember that cold air that is leaking in, means there’s dollars that are leaking out! This is a great example of an ounce of work saving a pound of energy. We’re not just talking stick-on foam. There are many ways to help seal your home, including caulking and spray foam, and we can help you with all of them.
  • Change your furnace filter. Okay, I hesitate to even call this a project. It’s no harder than changing a lightbulb. But hey, when your spouse is gone for the day, do this, then sit around and watch movies the rest of the day. Your furnace will be happy, you’ll have a healthier happier home, and you get credit for doing a project! Win, win, win!
  • Clean out your closets. This is a simple project that may consume a weekend, but will make you feel a lot better. Get some organizers if you need them, get rid of some stuff if you need to. Donate old clothes. Recycle things you no longer want. Give the junk your kids left behind to them and make them store it. Here’s a great idea, install motion-activated, battery-powered lights in your closets. They’re cheap, easy and wow do they make your life easier, especially on dark cold mornings, when you’re trying to tell the difference between black and navy blue sweaters!

Pick one or all five of these, enjoy the fact that you’re accomplishing something, not just sitting around moping about the winter, then get back to binge watching!