Christmas Tips from the Helpful Place

Christmas is just around the corner and we procrastinators aren’t looking forward to giving up our weekend to put up decorations before guests arrive.  However, a few holiday touches can go a long way and we here at Ace know just what to do to help you get your weekend back. A bit of sparkle, a touch of bright color, and a few red bows may be all your house needs.  Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Instead of trying to decorate the entire exterior of your house, front yard, or roof, consider making one area a central focal point. For example, you could easily add a few stake lights down the front walkway or driveway leading to the front door. Your door could feature a nice wreath and a couple of lit potted trees on each side of the door. This is quick, easy, elegant, cost effective and festive!

I got this idea from a post by Eddie Ross. Consider “upcycling” old ornaments for your wreath. All you need is a wire hanger, a few ornaments and super glue or a hot glue gun.

  1. Pull the hanger downward from the middle so you get a diamond shape.
  2. From there, begin shaping the hanger into a circle.
  3. Once your hanger is in a circle, unwind the top to add the ornaments.
  4. Glue the ornaments hangers onto the top of the ornaments so you don’t risk them becoming detached, falling off, and breaking.
  5. Thread the ornaments on the wire until your hanger is full.
  6. Wind the top back together.

That’s it! Once your hanger is back together you can hang it from the front door. Here’s one I made…

For your lighting projects, the knowledgeable staff at your local Ace Hardware store will help figure out safe and weather resistant power connections, switches, and provide suggestions for mounting anchoring.  Have no fear, Ace has whatever tools you may need;  temporary hooks, anchor cords, stakes, testers for lights, replacement bulbs, and all sorts of inexpensive alternatives to accomplish your project in an entertaining and safe way. If you go into the store with a list of items you need (including sizes, like power cord footage) you will get in an out even faster!

With your bit of forethought, a wee bit of planning, a pinch of humor, and a cup of time, The Helpful Place will help you prepare for your holiday as well as any expected or unexpected guests. Find your neighborhood Ace and get your weekend back!