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Brad Nale here again with a question for you: If I ask you to picture a charcoal grill in your head, what image comes to mind? I am willing to bet that it is an image of a Weber Kettle charcoal grill. It’s an iconic design that has been around for around sixty years now.

The original barbeque was, well, probably cavemen cooking their wooly mammoth burgers over an open flame. But let’s fast forward a few years to the sixteenth century when a structure known as a barbacoa was used to cook with fire. That term eventually became barbeque and applied to all things having to do with outdoor cooking. Fast forward a few more years and arrive in the early 1950’s where a man named George Stephen was tired of ash blowing in to his food when he was grilling.

I grew up with one of the worst charcoal grills ever. Flat, wobbly, hard to light, hard to control the heat and the wind always blew up chucks of ash on food. If only we had Stephen’s new design, the kettle grill. His new grill was created in 1952 and used the kettle-shaped bottom of the grill to improve grilling by leaps and bounds. In 1959 the Weber Brothers Metal Works was acquired by Stephen and by the1970’s the kettle grill was the grill of choice.

Jump in to the mid 1980’s when Weber introduced their Genesis line of gas grills. Just as the kettle grill revolutionized charcoal grilling, the Genesis grill turned the gas grilling world upside down. Now we had a gas grill with multiple burners, easy to adjust the heat, easy and safe to light and much more convenient to use and clean.

The Genesis line is still with us today. It has been improved on and has spun off to the Spirit and the Summit lines. All Weber gas grills are great to cook on. I have had a Weber Genesis grill now for eighteen years. We cook on it three to four times per week. It has held up well and never disappoints for its ease of cooking or for how the food turns out. I am one of those guys that never goes out to a steak house and pays $50.00 for a steak because I can grill a steak as well as the restaurant, if not better, for way less money.

Want the best Weber charcoal grill out there? Try the new summit charcoal grill. It’s a 24” kamado-style grill that is truly the summit of grilling. Come in and ask the helpful hardware folks about this awesome grill.

Looking for the grill of your dreams? Look no further than your local Ace Hardware store. Our Weber line up is second to none and we have all the accessories and parts you may need as well as the helpful folks to get you all set up and grilling. Stop in, and tell them Brad sent you!