Ace is the Place for Pets


Brad Nale here. Hope you’re all enjoying the dog days of summer. That means we’re all dog tired from our summer projects, lazy as a dog or perhaps just doggone hot and tired. But Seriously, these are the dog days of summer and you may have a four-legged friend who is out there enjoying these hot summer days as well. If you do have a four-legged friend, bring them along next time you go to your local Ace Hardware store.

Most of our stores welcome your friends, on their leashes. You may want to check first, as all of our stores are locally owned and operated and their policies may vary. At many of our stores, if your friends behave and ask nicely, our cashiers may even give them a treat! I know that in my experience I have seen many dogs who come in to their local Ace Hardware store, go straight to the cashiers and sit politely, just waiting their turn for a treat!

When you bring them in, they can shop for their own new toys and treats as well. I’ll bet you may not know this, but many Ace Hardware stores have quite the selection of pet supplies. Not just tennis balls or Chuckit throwers, not just squeaky toys or rope tugs, but an entire range of pet supplies. Many stores stock dog doors, leashes, tie outs, rawhide bones, pet beds, pet bowls, pet carriers, pet peeves. Oh, wait, not that last one! Some stores stock dog kennels, dog houses and larger pet items, if they don’t have them, the helpful folks can easily order such items. Many stores also have a complete line of pet foods. Many top-line and vet-recommended brands such as Iams, Merrick, Taste of the Wild, Nutro and more. Brands, sizes and varieties vary throughout the Rocky Mountain region. So be certain to contact your local Ace Hardware store for more information.

Many stores have supplies for your two-legged pets as well. Yes I’m talking about your backyard chickens. Many of you may have joined in on this once-again-modern idea and are enjoying the benefits of raising your own chickens. Let Ace help you find what you need to keep your coop in shape and keep your flock happy. If you don’t have a coop, we can help you with that, too. We can help you with a sedan if you don’t want a coupe! Yeah, I know… We can help with what you may need to keep wild predators from getting at your chickens as well.

Whatever your pet needs may be, come see the helpful folks at your local Ace Hardware and we’ll be glad to help out. Chances are, you’ll be surprised at what we have and how we can help. And for goodness sake, don’t leave Fido or Rover in your vehicle while you shop on these hot summer days. Bring them in to the store with you. Keep them healthy and happy!