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Traeger Grill

Brad Nale here reminding you that the time’s they are a changing. Yeah, some guy name Bob said that many years ago, but what I mean is that the spring-forward time changed this past weekend. Recover from that lost hour of sleep on Sunday yet?

Now some of you don’t like this. It’s tougher to wake up in the dark morning. But it does mean that sunsets are now an hour later. And you know what that means: It’s now easier to grill dinner! True, some of you, like my wife, have been digging through the snow to get to the grill all winter long. But, let’s face it, even though the food tastes great, it’s not a lot of fun grilling in the dark and cold of a Rocky Mountain winter. It’s so much easier and enjoyable to grill when it’s nice outside. Something about the time change signals that it’s time to grill more often.

So what are you waiting for? Get grilling!

What? Your grill didn’t winter over well? You’re out of propane or charcoal? You need pellets? Look to your local Ace Hardware store for the solution to all these problems. Grill burners, grates, knobs, covers, cleaners and other parts can all be found to fix up your old grill. Or, if you think your old grill has cooked its last burger, Ace is the place for new grills. If you haven’t looked for a grill in a while, you’re in for a nice surprise. There’s a whole new world of grills out there.

One of my favorites is the Traeger line of grills. These wood-fired grills are really versatile and add so much to the flavor of grilled foods so easily. They’re fired by wood pellets and the pellets come in a wide variety of hardwoods for all the flavors you want. Traeger grills can be used for direct grilling of chicken, steaks and such, for slow smoking of ribs, roasts and hams and even for pizza and other fun grilled foods. They’re super simple to use, with digital controls for heat, self-feeding pellet augers and they’re easy to clean.

Traeger grills do have one problem: They smell so good, with the oak, mesquite, apple, cherry or other pellets smoking away while your meats are slow roasting that your neighbors will come from the entire block and want to join you for dinner. So what the heck, throw on a little extra meat and have a get-together. Everyone will enjoy it so much, they’ll get themselves a Traeger grill and you con mooch off them next time!

Also at most Ace Hardware stores are Big Green Egg grills. These are the kamado-style grills, that are shaped like big eggs, and they’re green – get it! No, they’re not the cheapest grills on the planet, but wow- try them out and you’ll be hooked! The versatility, flavor and abilities of Big Green Eggs are like no other charcoal grill.

Ace is the place for charcoal as well. No longer just one flavor or type, charcoal has many awesome options now. Come in and our helpful folks will show you the differences and help you pick the charcoal that suits your grilling tastes just right. Don’t forget wood chips as well as spices, sauces, rubs and every barbeque accessory you could ever want. We even have some you didn’t know you wanted, so come to Ace today and get grilling!