Ace is the Gift Giving Place!

What? I thought Ace was a hardware store. Well, yes, but it’s so much more. This is Holly Day, and I’m writing today to tell you about the multitude of gifts available at your local Ace Hardware store. There is a huge variety of inventory from store to store when it comes to gifty things. The Ace store down the street from you, as are all Ace stores, is independently owned and operated. This means that the store owner can find fun and unique items to bring in from anywhere and anyone. Ace stores are often the starting place for many local manufacturers and you just never quite know what you’ll find at Ace that you’ll not find anywhere else.

Many of our stores have housewares. Some go way beyond spatulas and spoons and have wonderful displays of all things for the gourmet cook and the entertainer on your gift list. Need a Krumkake baker? An Aebleskiver pan? How about an electric corkscrew? We’ve got ‘em. Yes, try your Ace Hardware store first this holiday season and you may be surprised at what you find.

Beyond gift items are our tools. Tools make a great gift for the DIY-er on your list. Of course, Ace has a huge variety of tools including Craftsman, Stanley, DeWalt, Milwaukee and other top brands. Come in and see what other kinds of fun and unique tools Ace stocks as well. Did I mention these make terrific stocking stuffers?

Have someone who likes birds on your list? Look no further, Ace has tons of bird feeders. They make great gifts, even in the middle of winter. A new feeder and some bird seed can provide months of enjoyment!

Don’t forget the four-legged friends on your shopping list! Beyond the many brands of pet food, Ace stocks gobs of fun pet toys and treats. Check with your local store, many will let you bring a leashed dog in to the store. Then they can do their own shopping, and see what they want for Christmas. You can even tell them Santa may bring them toys and maybe they’ll be good. Hey, it never hurts to try!

Most overlooked are the possibly boring, but practical and useful gifts that Ace offers. These are items that may not jump out as gifts, but are sold by all of our stores this time of year to those people looking for something thoughtful and useful. Flashlights, Carbon Monoxide detectors, BBQ tools, kitchen appliances, just to name a few. No, these aren’t likely to get too many romantic gift points, but talk about the gift that keeps on giving, these all do that.

So, stop by this holiday season. Let our helpful folks help you with your shopping and don’t just think of Ace Hardware as the place for fixing things, think of us as the gift giving place as well.