A Cure for Winter Gardening Blues


Gardening is something that’s either a passion or an obsession. With fall rolling around, many enthusiastic gardeners are watching their gardens wither and die. It’s at this point that most people pack it all in, except for maybe a rake for the fall leaves. However, you don’t have to stop gardening just because it’s getting cold out! Here are some easy tips for setting up an indoor garden and enjoying you r hobby year-round.

  • Pick a home for your garden. It doesn’t matter if all you have is a little bit of open space by your windows, an indoor garden can thrive in a small space or an entire room (if you have that luxury!). If you are dealing with a small space then consider starting with a few herbs, which grow well in small spaces. Larger areas will allow for flowering or event fruit bearing plants.


  • Plant Necessities to Consider…
  1.  Light – Does the space get natural light or will you need to supply artificial light? Consider an LED lamp, which is cost effective and more environmentally friendly.
  2. Temperature – Certain plants may require a warmer space, so gauge the temperature through your thermostat and also a thermometer in the soil.
  3. Ventilation – Plants need air to grow, so consider placing an oscillating fan near your plant’s new home
  4. Moisture – We all know that plants need water to grow, but also remember that most plants will thrive in an more humid environment. Help your plants quench their thirst with a humidifier. You can also regularly spray your plants with a light mist of water


  • Know your plants. Read the labels on the plants or the seeds and know what type of environment your plant requires.


  • Clean! It’s important to clean all surfaces and pots before starting your garden. It is harder to prevent the spread of bacteria indoors and you don’t want to loose your new plant friends to disease. You can use neem oil, which is a plant based oil that can kill harmful bacteria and viruses to help protect your garden.


  • Go small. If you are new to indoor gardening or if you are working with a smaller space, try not to over populate your garden. If you have too many plants you may deprive some from receiving adequate light, air, or moisture.


In short, you don’t have to give up the joy of gardening just because the traditional gardening months have come and gone. You can fill your need by creating an indoor gardening space, and your local Ace has everything you need to get started!


Various Images Copyright Think Stock