A Chip Off the Old Key Fob!

Fob. What an odd word. In all my years of working in Ace Hardware stores I always wondered just why the little, often decorative, thing that goes on your key ring was called a fob. Well, I still do. There’s not a real direct origin for this word. So I guess I’ll just keep wondering. You may say, who cares, Brad? Well, think of this: You may well use a fob multiple times each day, and not even know it. This particular fob is the one that unlocks your car doors. Oh you mean the car door remote thingy! Yes, that thingy is the fob, and chances are you’re going to want a new one someday.

 If you’re like old Brad, you’ve worn off the writing on your fob. That’s okay, you know what the buttons do. But what about when you go to sell that car, or give it to your kids, or switch with your spouse? Yep, you’ll need a new fob. Great, there goes another $100+ at the car dealer. No! Just stop by your local Ace Hardware store and ask the helpful folks for a new remote fob. Yes, Ace stocks many makes and models. Cool, I can just by one and then get in to any car I want! No, not quite, you need your current fob to program the new fob so it will work with your car only. It’s easy, it’s quick and it can save you a good chunk of cash by stopping in at Ace.

You may only need a new shell to re-new your fob. Many Ace stores stock just the outer shell, with new buttons, but they use the inner electronics of your current fob. This can save you perhaps half the cost of the fob, depending on make and model of your vehicle. Of course, Ace is also the place for the button batteries that power your fob. There are many different sizes of these batteries and Ace’s helpful folks will get you set up with just the right replacement to get you back to opening you door remotely.

Isn’t it funny how it seems so odd and so much work now to insert a key and open a car door by hand, by turning a key. How quickly we all become dependent on technology!

While you’re there, get a new key made for your car. Your car key likely has an electronic chip in it if it was made in the 21st century. Ace can cut most car chip keys as well. They vary a lot in cost and complexity these days, but once again, Ace will save you a lot of money when compared to a car dealer. Did you buy a used car and only get one key? That seems to be a common problem. You’ll want to get a second key cut for certain. Losing a chip key and having a dealer install an entire new ignition is a repair that will cost you big bucks, and probably several headaches as well.

So don’t get all keyed-up. If the chips are down, just stop by Ace Hardware, tell them Brad Nale sent you and let them get you back on the road again!