4 Things to Do on the 4th

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One: Celebrate the United States of America! Don’t ever forget what Independence Day means. Yes, it’s Independence Day, even though most people now know it as The Fourth of July. This holiday is for us to celebrate the fact that a group of far-sighted, brave individuals gathered in a room in 1776 and wrote the Declaration of Independence. From that day on, the world would not be the same. If it weren’t for these founding fathers, we may never have had the freedom to do so many things that we take for granted today.

No matter how weird things have become, or how much you may hate to hear about government and politics, remember that you have the freedom to voice your opinion on these things because of those men getting together in Philadelphia in early July of 1776.

Two: Have your friends & family over for a cookout. Yep, doesn’t get much more American than this. But hey, that’s what you’ve been doing all this work for. You’ve stained your deck, tuned-up your grill, got your flowers blooming like crazy and bought that nice new patio furniture. Your yard is green and weed-free and you have new grilling recipes you want to try. Let loose, have fun, and enjoy all your efforts!

Three: Fill your Yeti with beverages and see how long they stay cold. What, you don’t have a Yeti yet? Well, then drive on over to your local Ace Hardware store and get one! What’s a Yeti? I’m going to assume you know, because you’re reading blogs and therefore, you’re not totally out of touch with the world. Yetis are amazing coolers that are strong, durable and keep things cold for, like, ever. Come ask the helpful folks about them, you’ll be impressed.

Four: Watch your local fireworks display. These days there are many to choose from. I happen to live on a lake and there is a professional display over the lake that rivals the one our city puts on each year. Find a hill overlooking the font range and you may be able to see multiple shows! Let’s face it, fireworks are dangerous, especially when lit around large crowds of people, or by people who’ve been drinking or enjoying Colorado’s other legal diversions, if you know what I mean. Just leave the fireworks to the professionals. Your neighbors will thank you. Your pets will thank you. The forests and grasslands will thank you. Your fingers will thank you.

There, four things to do that aren’t chores or projects! Hey, it’s a holiday mid-week, so take a lot of time off, relax and have fun! Tell them Brad Nale said it’s okay to do so!